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Renze Feed is a family owned and operated business, specializing in the resale of products designed and formulated to meet the 21st century needs of both livestock and grain farmers.  We are your partners---enabling you to make complex and difficult feed, seed, and "select" farm equipment decisions, that will help to develop or expand your farming operation.  Having years of experience working with our products, we know that no question is "too big" or "too small", if it will enable you to achieve your long-term business goals.  We know that you not only expect us to have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions on your purchases, but that you also want phone calls returned in a "timely" manner, along with prompt service to meet your growing needs.  We expect our product venders to stand behind what they sell, and we have long-term provider realationships with these professionals to ensure the best customer service relationship necessary in any successful partnership.  Described in our detailed product information section are the representative companies that we have done business with for many years.


Renze Feed manufactures  feed and basemixes using Big Gain Feed and Ralco Nutrition premixes.  Ralco's EnMax Swine Feed Program is the most technically advanced program in the world.  EnMax employs net-energy formulation, crystaline amino acids, and supplemental enzymes to improve diet digestibility.  This diet provides hogs more energy from corn, reduces soybean meal use, and ensures precision amino acid formulation.  The result of this diet is that hogs do not waste energy breaking down excess amino acids unnecessary to their growth.  Big Gain and Ralco Feeds are available for most livestock at Renze Feed.

EQUIPMENT (Sioux Steel grain bins & dryers,  Meridian seed tenders & hopper bins,  Art's-Way grinder mixers, graders, grain augers and more...)

When it comes to constructing a farm or commercial grain bin, why not buy from a company who's mission for over 90 years has been "We don't just want our customers satisfied...We want them to be delighted to do business with us."  Sioux Steel Company is one such company.  We have handled dealer service for Sioux Steel since 1985, and, "THEY BACK WHAT THEY SELL!"  Sioux Steel now offers  two different dryers to fit your grain handling needs, Delux and Grain Handlers.  Making decisions about your grain bin and dryer is often a very complex process.  Renze Feed is here to work with you through important challenges and key decision-making.  Sioux Steels' confidence in the  quality and workmanship of their grain bins inspired them to extend  their warranty from five to ten years.  Renze Feed stocks a large inventory of Sioux Steel, Sukup, and Spread-All Manufacturing  bin accessories including, but not limited to: heaters, axial fans, centrifugal fans, unload systems, bin floors, roof vents and other products.  We consider it our obligation to be familiar with the full range of grain bin products that we offer,  so that we can provide you with accurate information on their use, benefits, and limitations.     

Since 1985, Renze Feed has been a dealer for Art's-Way Manufacturing. When looking for a quality and consistent ration mix with the luxury of both portability and flexibility, look to the leader in "on-farm" grinder mixers......the Art's-Way (6530). Not only do we have new and used mixers on hand, we keep a well stocked inventory of grinder mixer and stalkcutter parts. If you call the Art's-Way plant for a grinder mixer part and they don't have it in stock, you will most likely be referred to us if your needs are immediate.  Renze Feed is also expanding our product line to include the new Art's-Way auger.  The tubing and flighting of these augers is constructed of the thickest, heaviest, strongest steel available in the agricultural industry!



With an Art's Way pull type grader, you and your tractor can quickly and easily maintain terraces and waterways, level ground and headlands, clean out feedlots, rebuild ponds, grade roads, clean ditches, remove snow, maintain levees, dig irrigation ditches, clean away trash, gather up brush and do so much more. An Art's Way grader is the ultimate multifunctional farming tool, available in 9-foot, 12-foot and 14-foot models to meet your individual needs. Once you have one, you'll wonder how you lived without it!


Filling your planter in the spring should be a quick and easy task! Meridian seed tenders are designed to take the work out of loading seed into your planter or drill allowing your tractor and planter to keep moving!  Meridian {formely known as Friesen or Grain Max} provides us the largest selection of seed handling tenders to accomodate any farming operation.  The quality and workmanship of Meridian tenders sets the standard of excellence--making them an easy unit for us to sell!  Meridian is also the innovator of the all-welded, smooth-wall hopper bin.  These bins can be used for feed, fertilizer, seed, and harvested crops.


In the past, Renze Feed has sold Midwest Seed Genetics.  Now Midwest Seed, Crow's Seed, and NC+ are combined into "one family" product noted as Channel. Now under the "one brand" designation,  and fortified by Monsanto, Channel devotes a substantial amount of time and resources to create an important "culture of learning".  They accomplish this utilizing their  BioFuture Experience and Ag Leadership Series.  Our close relationship with Channel enables us to be highly knowledgeable, in order to provide our customer with superior product positioning advice.  We have a high degree of confidence in Channel seed products, as used in various Renze family farming operations, and also in speaking with satisfied customers.  In our experience, Channel seed is unmatched in performance!  Our goal is to demonstrate this quality performance to our customers, developing a personalized relationship enabling each customer maximum, achievable benefits. Channel has products that work, and we want you to know about it!

Please, review our list of products.  We are very proud to represent all the noted companies described in our product section.  Again, we have chosen companies known throughout the industry to be capable of producing and growing products of the highest caliber.  We value our relationships with these vendors, who comprise a list of the most  respected manufacturers of feed, seed, and farm equipment nationwide!  Learn more about how our services and products can both complement and expand your farming operation investments, both in the short and longer term!   We are a trusted source of knowledge about all products that we sell.  We strive to always provide our customers with superb value, confidence, and peace of mind in their important business decisions and purchases.




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